My Audition For The Voice UK!

Hippy dressing. Hot men. And singing! That was my day at the auditions for The Voice UK yesterday!

So in the run-up to the audition I had compiled my outfit and that was fun. It was my hippy long skirt, flowery coat (like a female version of Sam Smith’s from Glastonbury), a colourful sequin top, flowery sandals and lots of jewelry. I combined one of my other fave looks – the rock look with my make-up been black eye shadow, mascara and liner, pink lipgloss, pale foundation and black nail varnish. It was really fun getting it together really.

So me, my mum and my sis went off to catch the train from Bray to Connolly and then on to Belfast catching all the sights on the way. The three of us love seeing all new places from the train. :-) Fell in love on the way down for the first time in the day when we met the gorgeous lad who was serving the food and that. Never do a me and ask a hot man for peanuts! Hehe! :-)

When we got to Belfast I changed into my skirt and sandals from my leggings and runners and added the hat. They might have tripped me on the train or I could have got caught in the door with the ‘ole hat so I sorted them in the toilet at the station before we headed off to find the venue, the Holiday Inn hotel. We found it handy enough and seen the little pink and white buses on the way. They were cute little buses. Like ice-creams. It was my first time in Belfast and I was staring at some sights. We seen the BBC Northern Ireland building across the road from the Holiday Inn.

So firstly I was waiting a very short time outside the hotel and then one of the girls who worked on the crew checked over my forms (The e-mail invitation and the questionnaire I filled out in advance) and another man from the crew then brought us down to the registraion desk where this other guy from the crew checked over our forms again and looked at our ID. Fell in love again because he was rather cute. Gave him initially the wrong application number because there was two on the invitation. Then he directed me to the room which was next to the registration desk where another male member of crew was standing (Fell in love once again) and a female member of crew was sitting behind a desk. Nearly gave him my background forms because I didn’t see the woman behind the desk at first. Noticed after that quite a few people did this. Then was sitting down waiting. Actually I won’t mention names because that wouldn’t be fair but I did see someone I knew from the telly there first. He used to be in a band I was fan of. I fancied his bandmate. Seemed a nice man.

So after we waited a bit and the cute crew member who had been standing at the door had brought a few other groups up it came to the group I was in. We had to go up to the top of the room when we were called out. I was the first to be called out for our group. Didn’t really realise at that stage that that meant I’d be the first to sing in the group. Might have been for the best at that stage! :-)

So then the cute crew member brought us all to the lift and then we went up and met another producer. She had amazing purple hair and we were basically waiting outside for stage A of the audition. Met a new member of our group who was invited back to audition. She had went the previous two years. I told her that maybe it’d be third time lucky. There was two lads in our group and the rest of us were female. The two lads were actually quite good-looking. :-)

So then we went in and met the assistant producer Warren (who I think may have been Irish but I’m not sure) and vocal coach Mark. We had a vocal warm-up with Mark in which I accidentally at one stage sat down before it was over and he asked me why I was sitting down. I was so nervous I didn’t know what I was doing. My mind was just in a nervous daze but of course I didn’t tell him that. I think he realised that probably. Well I hope he did anyway. Other than that when we were doing some of the more physical warm-ups I just about managed to keep my top down! :-) It’s one of them tops that goes up easily. Nightmare! :-) We also had to tell our name and an interesting fact about ourselves. I was first and I don’t find myself particularly interesting so I was glad when Warren said that if we couldn’t think of anything to say what we did for a living so I said a voluntary worker.

Then Warren had his phone and he put the stopwatch on to stop everyone after a minute and a half but he didn’t stop me so I got to sing the whole of Smile by Charlie Chaplin which was nice. I did breath in the middle a few times. My nerves got to me a little I think but it wasn’t bad. I was quite proud of it. And we all gave each other a clap then we waited outside for about ten minutes maybe. Me and one of the girls in my group were talking to another man from the crew. He was asking us if it was our first time auditioning the show. We were brought back in and told that we could all sing but that they were only taking one person through from the room and said his name which I’m not going to tell you! :-) Sorry, it wouldn’t be fair! He was a lovely lad so I was pleased for him. He had been saying to me and the other girl outside that he had found it worse in the room than in a live gig setting. Told him well done. Don’t know if he heard me though. They told us that we needed to gig more and that it was the experience we were more missing as opposed to the voice which I agree with because my nerves were shot. When I used to do the school shows regularly when I was in school my nerves would be less because I was singing regularly. They did say there was a few near yeses. I doubt I was one of them but it was a great experience and everyone was lovely. They said how Jermain Jackman had been turned down and came back two years later. I was thinking that was James Byron’s story too. Took actually heart from the fact that James had been turned down the first time he went for the show too and of course Jermain too.

So we headed back down in the lift and I met my mum and sis who had a lovely day going around the sights and were in City Hall and all and we went for our meal and a few drinks to a pub called The Bridge before going home. It was a lovely day out and I got used to the skirt, hat and sandals on the train because I wore them back. :-)


This is my original song Stars. I’ve always thought that the stars in the sky were very reminiscent of people and their journey through life of meeting or never meeting and the stars are a metaphor for people and our journey through life. The lonesome star is me. I’m not lonely in the sense of been completely lonely. I have a great family but it was more in a romantic sense. That the lonesome star has not met their star yet. Their partner yet. Then the devious star is obviously the few and far between people you meet in life who are quite cruel to others and who one needs to be aware of. The star that tries to bring you down.

Hope you enjoy the song! :-)

Prisoner For Life!

Hi again everyone! 

This song I wrote entitled, Prisoner For Life is inspired by one of my favourite books and writers A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood and indeed the film which I love  too directed by American designer Tom Ford who I think is amazing too.

I put myself into the protagonist George’s shoes and wrote it from the perspective of him losing the love of his life Jim because I always felt very sad for him for losing Jim in the book and film. Obviously I know what grief is like. Not losing your partner but I still know the feeling and that made me understand what the character was going through.  

Me Singing Conchita Wurst’s Rise Like A Phoenix!

I, like everyone else, was astonished by the vocals of Conchita Wurst in Eurovision as she made her way to Eurovision glory. I absolutely love the song Rise Like A Phoenix that she won with and this is me attempting to sing it. I have to admit that I had already so much respect for Conchita with those vocals before. After trying to sing it, I have a million times more respect for her!

Well I gave it a go. Hope you enjoy! :-):